Narrated by Martin Yates

Speculating on the origins of abdul al-Hazred’s ascension to the Mysteries and the origins of his confounding book.

An old Sufi shaykh, haunted by troubling unanswered questions, sets out into the desert with a handful of his students. Before leaving Mecca after the annual Hajj, the old man is visited in his rooms by a dark figure who lays a prophesy upon him and sets him on a quest that will transform him into something unimaginable; a thing shunned by man and jinn who is even driven off from the site of a hideous sacrifice. His only brief companion on this dark pilgrimage is a silent jinn who is compelled to guide him to a book filled with blank pages in an ancient city buried in the sands of the Empty Quarter long before the coming of man.

From THE MAD VISIONS OF AL-HAZRED  An anthology from Alban Lake Publishing